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Yorkshire CCC who use O.R.S Hydration tablets as their main hydration source have become English county champions. Yorkshire CCC have used over 10,000 O.R.S Hydration tablets in 2 seasons, and have only lost 2 matches since using O.R.S Hydration Tablets.

Yorkshire County Cricket Club current players include England internationals Joe Root and Gary Ballance and the present club coach is the former Australian fast bowler, Jason Gillespie.

Scot McAllister, present physiotherapist at Manchester City Football Club, and former physiotherapist at Scotland Rugby Union, England Lions and Yorkshire County Cricket Club stated, “In any team sport, each player must be able to perform at the top of their game. One way performance is impacted is through the loss of vital fluids and electrolytes during training or in a competitive match and it’s important that these fluids are replaced to help support the body’s recovery. The team thinks about hydration all year round – not just when training in warmer temperatures.

“An athlete compromised by hydration is unlikely to be able to give an optimum performance and puts himself at risk of developing other injuries such as cramping.”

“Oral Hydration Salts, like O.R.S Hydration tablets, are a great way to help the players stay hydrated and avoid any feelings of sluggishness or lack of energy.”

“The convenient tablet form is perfect for keeping in kit bags – whenever the players are looking for a fluid boost they dissolve a couple of O.R.S Hydration tablets to make a refreshing lemon or strawberry flavoured drink that helps replenish the glucose and minerals lost through exercise.”

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