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New O.R.S app to launch at Wired Health on 29 April

April 23, 2016 9:03 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Mark your calendar for 29 April, when the O.R.S app is launched at the London WIRED Health conference.

The brand new app will be beneficial for everyone from top-level athletes to walkers. Simply input the activity you are undertaking, how long and how intensely you will be exerting yourself, and finally the colour of your urine. The app will then work out how your hydration needs, and will give you the exact amount of water and O.R.S tablets to use prior to and during the activity.


O.R.S is among the world’s first products that contains the standard oral rehydration formula in tablet form. In addition to people who are being active, O.R.S tablets are also used by people travelling long distance and those who are visiting hot climates.


O.R.S rehydration come with an app that help you hydrate correctly

O.R.S App launching 29.April 2016

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