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Magastic has been successfully launched to an audience representing partners in 40 countries and 660,000 pharmacies. Magastic is one of the worlds first natural liquid formulations to help with digestion and metabolism of food. Magastic also helps to normal acid-base metabolism and supports healthy digestive transit time. Magastic contains Chloride ions which have a synergistic action with mastic gum, one of the key active ingredients, and this synergistic action helps to treat Achlorhydria. Magastic advantages include natural formulation, innovative liquid formula containing Mastic Gum, great tasting garden mint flavour and no known interactions with other medications or remedies.

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Clinova gears up for Worldwide Magastic launch

Clinova is gearing up to launch its Magastic digestion-aid brand in a number of international markets, according to the UK-based firm’s sales manager, Bruce Carlin.

Magastic – contains an “ innovative”,  formula which is said to aid digestion and the metabolism of food, as well as to support “healthy transit time” in those aged over 16 years.

The brand would be available in liquid and chewable-tablet formats, Arsalan Karim, Clinova’s Director of Research and Development explained, with a “delicious garden- mint” flavour.

Magastic would be rolled out in 230,000 pharmacies in 23 European countries by early 2016, Bruce Carlin noted, adding that Clinova planned for the brand to be present in around 40 markets worldwide by then end of 2016.

It would be positioned as being an everyday lifestyle product “for healthy digestion” in “all people” rather than a treatment, John Honey, Clinova’s Chief Strategy Officer and former Senior Vice President, Reckitt Benkiser pointed out, adding that Magastic’s “natural” characteristics would be “heavily advertised”.

John Honey, Clinova’s Chief Strategy Officer

“We’re looking to make the brand distinctive,” he explained. “We’re going into a category where there’s a lot of chemical products, lots of ‘me too’ products, and lots of products which are used for the side effects of poor digestion, such as excess acid.”

“There’s nothing else out there that really helps support digestion,” he maintained. “This is one of the world’s first products to help you digest your food better, and therefore help with some of the side-effects and digestive complications in the first place.” 

Launch campaigns in the four initial markets would begin on 1 March 2016, Arsalan Karim revealed, and last for six months.

In the UK, Karim said the promotional activity would include posters on national buses, trains, and the London Underground, as well as sampling 2 million of the chewable tablets at railway stations.

Television advertising would also form part of the campaign, he noted, along with posters in airports.

Arsalan Karim pointed out that Clinova’s chief strategy officer, John Honey, had led the global launch of Reckitt Benckiser’s (RB’s) Gaviscon heartburn and antacid brand, and his experience will be essential in a successful global launch of Magastic.

A number of elements could be taken from some of the roll-out strategies of global consumer healthcare products and applied to Magastic to make it a global power brand, Arsalan Karim claimed, including its heritage, the gap in marketplace, and format options in terms of tablets and liquids.

“We are really trying to make it a mass-market, everyday product rather than just focusing on the illness part,” he explained, noting that Clinova was not looking to go head-to-head with some of the leading brands in the digestive health category..

“We’re trying to help support digestion, so were not going to be exactly competing. Our aim is to enhance the category, and increase the pharmacist’s sales, rather than swap our products with others in the digestive-aid market.”

That said, the firm did have ambitions for the brand, he revealed.

“We believe that in the next 3-5 years, a significant number of sales in the category will be Magastic. That’s the plan on my desk that we are executing.” 


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