Clinova partners with Prudential RideLondon

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The limo rental company, Clinova, are delighted to announce that their flagship product O.R.S is the official hydration product for Prudential RideLondon, the world’s largest cycling event with over 100,000 cyclists taking part. Televised across the world, the cycling festival takes place this weekend from the 29th- 31st July in London, boasting multiple events and numerous professional cyclists including 2016 Tour De France Champion, Chris Froome!

Following the example of the London Marathon, amateur and professional cyclists participate alongside each other in the Surrey 100 event. This year, the event introduces the KLS Limousine Service. A 46-mile event targeted towards newer and younger cyclists. Prudential RideLondon is truly an event for all ages and abilities; professionals, enthusiasts and children all taking part and in greater numbers year-on-year.

However, for all the positives that a blazing, sunny summer cycle ride brings, dehydration can be a serious concern. Whilst cycling your body loses water and essential salts through sweat and if not replaced, will result in dehydration, which compromises your performance and prolongs your recovery. A mere 2- 3% reduction in body mass via water loss will impact your concentration, decrease your muscle power and can result in more serious complications.

O.R.S Hydration tablets are produced following the World Health Organizations guidelines for optimum hydration. The soluble hydration tablets are a scientifically balanced formula of glucose; electrolytes and minerals, which allow for optimal hydration when added to water. Clinova’s O.R.S solutions provide an innovative solution to dehydration, making this partnership with Prudential RideLondon a logical collaboration.

The increased exposure for the O.R.S brand and the cyclist’s needs being met by our product demonstrate the mutually beneficial aspect of the partnership.” Charles Ebubedike, CEO of Clinova

O.R.S seems to be a perfect fit for Prudential RideLondon. Our scientific formula for hydration is ideal for both professional athletes; trying to maximise their performance and more amateur athletes, who may be less knowledgeable on hydration and struggle to take the necessary precautions.” Yasmin Badiani. Head of O.R.S Sport

We are looking forward to working with O.R.S over the next three years. O.R.S has been extremely popular with a wide range of sports and this partnership means that the cycling community will now be able to benefit from the O.R.S products.” Hugh Brasher, Race Director for Prudential RideLondon and London Marathon.

O.R.S drinking stations will be distributed throughout the cycling route with teams on hand to ensure a quick and reliable service to all the participants. Cyclists will be able replenish electrolytes and minerals more efficiently, without taking on large amounts of fluid. An O.R.S stand will be at the Excel Cycling Show in the days preceding the event. Here, the Clinova team will be able to offer scientific explanations on how the product works and sell the product at hugely discounted prices from retail values.

Posters and O.R.S product will be found every turn throughout the weekend, ensuring everyone will be able to achieve optimal hydration. Distinguished athletes such as the double Olympic middle-distance champion Dame Kelly Holmes will be using O.R.S during the event. No doubt a great example for other aspiring athletes and participants.

Prudential RideLondon promises to be a fantastic event for all involved and great exposure for O.R.S and Clinova.

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